Green Skunk. Why the name? When we first started thinking about selling deodorant (see this page to find out how we got here) we were trying to come up with a name that was not only unique but memorable and funny. We’re not ones to take ourselves or life too to seriously, so a bit of fun never hurt – right? 

When our daughter, R, was 1 1/2 years old, she started saying what sounded like bull sh@* – but we never said those words and could not figure out where she had learned it from. I was getting dirty looks in the grocery store and found myself trying to explain… Then, one evening, she was standing at the fridge playing with her Leap Frog magnetic toy that has animal halves that match and when a match was made it said what the animal was. Yellow duck, purple cow and… Blue Sheep. In little toddler speak, it turns out that blue sheep sounds just like B. S. Sigh. Mystery solved and we had a good laugh!


picture from the wikipedia site:


Since it had a good story, we thought why not use Blue Sheep? Except, there really is a breed of sheep that are blue. And because of that, every rendition of a website had already been claimed.

So, then we started thinking of other animals… smelly animals, smelly animals that spray… And green, well, green is environmental and pretty.

Some people love our name, other people whisper to us that we should change it. Either way, it’s here to stay – we hope you got a chuckle out of like we did.